Attach anything you want on skin and hyde.


LumeoPadTM is still in the development phase, but a huge interest has been shown in the coming technology. The need for a reliable and flexible attachment for skin is in demand and will be used for medical purposes tracking health conditions such as glucose levels for diabetics enabling a smoother everyday life and tracking performance and health for everyone from fitness newbies to elite athletes to astronauts in space.

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existing solutions

The skin attachment market has, up until today, consisted of sticky pads, single-use tape, straps, and custom suits. The limitations of environment-friendly and flexible products have hindered brilliant products from becoming common natural everyday products. LumeoPadTM creates the opportunity for an entirely new way of wearing trackers and sensors, enabling purposes within the medical, fitness, and space field. But again, the only limit to LumeoPadsTM usage areas is in our imagination.

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The attachment market hasn't changed since the early 1940s when hook-and-loops were invented. With attachments such as the molle system and the hook-and-loops being reliable, none of the solutions catered for flexibility in wearing gears and belongings. With the up rise of wearable technology and smart textiles, the need for increased space to attach the products became a mounting problem. Having straps as the first choice of attachment limits the user in what wearable to choose with the limited space on the wrists.

LumeoLoopTM bridges the gap between users' need for flexibility, enabling the freedom to freely express themselves through hidden wearables or as accessories wherever they choose to wear them, and businesses' diverse devices to track different data.


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