The versatile little phone holder

In A Nutshell

MoMag was created as an in-house project where we saw an opportunity to create a product where we could showcase our attachment technology. Though the plan for MoMag was never to be sold in large numbers to the public, MoMag took a life of its own with resellers worldwide.

Gela Nutshell

"Got mine yesterday, and absolutely love it! Been trying it on all kinds of stuff from pillows, chairs, backpack and so on..Never thought about needing to put my phone on fabric surface before but damn this was so convenient! 🤩"
Rober Müller, customer review

Unique and versatile phone holder
Unique & versatile phone holder
Dust and waterproof MoMag
sturdy built, dust- & waterproof
String magnet holding the phone in place
strong magnet holding the phone in place

the project

The frustration from a long train journey gave a friend the brilliant idea to use the LumeoLoop™ attachment to create a phone. A phone holder everyone can use in the car, on the train, and at home. Something universal, a tiny little lifesaver. And the idea of MoMag was hatched.

Design workshop in the Momag project
Forming the project

We wanted the phone holder to mirror LumeoTech's values and design with a minimalistic, stylish, and clean design. Small enough to easily bring with you but sturdy enough to be a high-quality product and feel safe to use with your phone.

Though there were several ideas, including a separate phone case, we finally settled on a smaller universal design suiting all phones.


The simplest solutions are often the best. We 3D printed a circular LumeoLoop™ Attachment interface and glued it on a magnet. A separate metal plate was put on the test phone, making it easy to attach to a seat or any textile surface.

We formed a test panel of 20 people, and with their feedback, we iterated MoMag into a fully working product, enhancing the magnet strength, design, and user-friendliness.

First prototype of MoMag
Manufacturing and evaluating the MoMag project with the website on desktop
Manufacturing & evaluation

With trusted partners in China, we could quickly create a new steel mold to manufacture the MoMag. With the different parts, we found an assembly partner partly in China and Sweden, manufacturing some parts in China and finalizing the product in Sweden.

MoMag is now on several markets, with around 5000 units shipped and sold to customers worldwide. Consumers love the idea of attaching their devices in the oddest places and regularly sending feedback, making the future bright for a second generation of MoMag.

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